We know how stressful booking a Graduation can be and we have the perfect plans to make it as easy as can be. Western MA Tent Rentals offers excellent looking graduation tents, tables, chairs and table cloths. You call us to reserve the date, we show up and do the rest! (delivery/set-up/take-down)

With prices like these, we run out of inventory quickly.  Call well in advance to get all of the rentals you need for your next big party!

Delivery to:

Chicopee MA 01013

United States

(413) 342-0699

Table Linens
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Table Linens
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We are the future of Wedding Tents!

Elite Hex with (2) 20‘x 20’ Elites

Elite Hex

Elite 20’x 20’

JMS Tents

The possibilities of the HEX are endless....

Table Linens
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Elite 20‘x20’

Elite 20’x 40’

Elite 20’x 20’

JMS Tents

We can help with layout, planning and design

Elite 20’x 20’

Standard Tents

Elite Tents

Circus Style Colored Tents

Western MA Wedding Tents

Stacking Chairs

$1.49 with rental

6’ Rectangle Tables

$9.99 with rental

Folding Chairs

$1.49 with rental

60” Round Tables

$11.95 with rental

Cocktail Table $12.95

32 or 42 Inches High

Table Linens
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Globe Lights


White Ice Chill Table


Elite Tent Sides

Standard Tent Sides

$35 per Side

$99 for 4 Sides

2 sides roll up.

Windows walls & window doors.

Our highbred wall system makes pulling back any side as easy
as a shower curtain.

Tent Rentals Pricing / Seating Chart